Save Money, Save a Life

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Everyone likes saving money over the holidays, but what about saving a life? Bank of Texas has made it simple. Here is how you can help prevent family violence in a few easy steps.

1. Purchase a Partners Card for $70 from any participating retailer or restaurant.

2. Shop at more than 750 retailers in DFW from Oct 24–Nov 2 and receive a 20 percent discount.

3. The money you spent on the Partners Card goes to The Family Place, an organization with a mission to stop family violence by providing counsel, shelter and other forms of aid.

For more information, visit

Food, Music and Ideas


Cultivate San Francisco (big)


If there’s one thing more important then teaching our kids to eat healthy, it’s teaching them where their food actually comes from. This is one of many farm-to-plate ideas behind Chipotle’s Cultivate Festival. After stopping in both San Francisco and Minneapolis, Cultivate will make its final stop at Lake Carolyn in Irving on Saturday to spread the word about good food, great music and even better ideas. Did we mention it’s free?

A few things to look forward to:

Learn your way to a free burrito

Get a stamp from at least four of the five exhibits and you’ll receive a coupon for a FREE burrito, bowl, salad or tacos at any Chipotle. The exhibits include: The Cinema, Factory vs. Farm, Fresh vs. Processed, GMO Experience and Guac from Scratch. You have until 7pm to visit four of the fun and interactive stations.

The Kids Zone

Kids can enjoy swimming in a pool of raw organic cotton fluff, decorate a biodegradable pot and plant seeds in it, draw on a giant chalkboard and much more. If they aren’t a fan of all the fancy foods, grab them an Applegate Farm frank – made with just beef, water, salt and spices.

The Artisans’ Hall 

Stop by this tent and enjoy everything from gourmet coffee and brownies to handcrafted popsicles and award-winning cheese. Don’t worry – you won’t find any big corporate companies or chains here, just 14 vendors who make their products with real ingredients (and love).

Tasting Hall

If you’ve made the vow to only drink craft beer and local wine, then you’re in luck! Grab a glass and sample some of the best local beer and wine in town. Bonus – Lakewood Brewing Company teamed up with Chipotle to bring you a farmhouse-style ale with just the right amount of grapefruit and Texas wildflower honey.

Chef Demos & Music

Incase you aren’t in enough awe of the delicious grub you’ve been sampling, expect cameos from big-time chefs and musicians like Amos Lee and O.A.R. The fun kicks off at 11am, Chef demos will run until 6:15pm and live music will run until 7pm. Check the official website for more details.



Science or Bust



Television shows like Discovery Channel’s “MythBusters” always start with a clear warning– Don’t try this at home.

Well, it’s your lucky day because MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition  is making its way to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History October 11–January 4 and will offer a variety of experiments right at your fingertips.

Forget tour guides or automated headsets, when you enter this exhibit you’ll be handed an iPod touch to record your scientific findings. When you’re done investigating, an app will load the information online and compare it with other’s results.

You’ll start by entering the Blueprint Room where you’re surrounded by hundreds of props and gadgets from the show. You’ll even see props from episodes that haven’t aired yet.

Next, you’ll move into the workshop where you can take a crack at busting myths for yourself. The experiments cover a variety of topics including, flight, friction, gravity, speed and combustion. Some of our favorite questions you’ll answer include:

Can you change like a superhero in a telephone booth?


Does toast always land butter side up?


Can you huff and puff and blow down a house made of bricks? Can you drive while you’re blindfolded? Can you pull a tablecloth out from under a set of dishes without spilling anything?

Perhaps the most interactive experiment aims to answer the question: Do you get more wet by running or walking in the rain? Try for yourself by racing a friend through a rain simulator that drops edible ink. Stand in front of a mirror under UV lights and count the water droplets for yourself.

Before you leave, make sure to catch one of the interactive shows. Raise your hand to volunteer and you may get the chance to gear up and dodge a paintball on stage.

Want to see this mad science for yourself? Win a family 4-pack of tickets here.

Xtreme Math

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ramp it up

We’re all about honesty. But tricking your kid into loving math — that’s not a crime, is it?

When kids are constantly dreading their math homework and you’ve run out of ideas (and flashcards) to motivate them, then it’s time for a trip to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The museum is hosting a traveling 5,000-square-foot exhibition called 2theXtreme: MathAlive! from September 27–January 4. Presented nationally by Raytheon, the exhibit is designed to appeal to children of all ages and levels of math ability, but is of particular relevance to those in grades 3–8.

Its mission is to relate math to the activities that kids love most: video games, sports, fashion, music, robots, photography and more. The exhibit offers a total of 40 unique and interactive experiences to spark children’s interest in the subject.

They’ll learn physics while designing and riding a virtual skateboard, trigonometry while snowboarding down a mountain, 3-D mapping while designing a video game and much, much more.

Some of our other favorite MathAlive! activities include:

Style Revolution: 360-degree Photo Shoot. Step onto a photo stage and have your image captured in 360 degrees, using the same freeze-motion technique made famous in modern action movies.

Pedal to the Peak: Mountain Bike Challenge. Jump on a stationary bike and compete in a mountain bike race. As you pedal, try to match shaded areas on two combined graphs to gain maximum points. *A hand bike is available to those who are unable to use their feet.

Get a Grip: Rock Climbing. Test your climbing abilities with a horizontal climb around a rock wall. Measure your height and arm span in this hands-on exhibit.


Supertall:Skyscraper Design Studio. Design your own ‘supertall’ skyscraper by making several decisions about the building’s function, structure and design. If your structure passes the test, it will be ‘built’ with simulated time-lapse photography. Build a city

Mix It Up: Giant Musical Instrument. Explore the relationship between rhythm and math by adding or subtracting musical elements on a giant super-instrument.

On Target: NASA Robot. Control a viewing camera mounted at the end of a robotic arm on the International Space Station.

Sound like fun? Enter here to win a family four-pack to the exhibit!


6 Must-See Children’s Shows This Fall

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Disney on Ice, photo courtesy Feld EntertainmentWhile you’re already penciling in those fall to-dos, break out the permanent marker for these can’t-miss family performances on ice and on stage in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy Tale
Dallas Children Theater’s season opener begins this Friday, September 19. Tickets are still available for the first show, so reserve your tickets now and get the royal treatment at the free opening night party with ponies, face painting, mini-cupcakes and crafts to make your own family crest. Tickets start at $15.

The Sound of Music
Casa Mañana Theatre in Fort Worth opens its adult season on Saturday with this family favorite musical starring Maria von Trapp. Why take the kids? Because every child should know the lyrics to “Do-Re-Mi.” Here’s a tip: the theater doesn’t have booster seats so bring one from home so your little can get a better view of the stage. Tickets start at $41.

Snow White and the Prince
Not far behind is the children’s season opener, Snow White and the Prince. This will be a special treat for Rapunzel fans. This new spin on Snow White comes from Mark Friedman and Janes Yates Vogt, the same creators of Rapunzel and How I Became a Pirate. Get your tickets to the world premiere show beginning October 10. Tickets start at $16 and lap seats are $10.

The Berenstain Bears LIVE
For those of you who can’t help but share your favorite stories from childhood with the kids (we sheepishly raise our own hands), in comes The Berenstain Bears. The Eisemann Center in Richardson hosts this one-day-only performance on October 19, so no dallying with these reservations. Tickets start at $13. Check out more shows coming up in the Family Theatre Series.

Disney on Ice – Princesses & Heroes
Disney returns to Allen Event Center’s ice rink with a mash-up of characters on November 26 and 28–30 (closed Thanksgiving). If you and the kids can’t make it out to one of the aforementioned musicals, here’s another chance to see Rapunzel and Snow White. Plus starlets Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Aladdin and the Genie, and more Disney favorites will join the cast on the ice. Tickets start at $16.

A Christmas Story the Musical
Oh Ralphie, you wore the pink bunny costume and fudged over that infamous curse word, and for that we tune in every day for your Christmas Eve marathon, but this year, we’ll be turning off the tube to watch you live on stage at Music Hall in Fair Park. Dallas Summer Musicals opens this Christmas classic on December 2. Individual tickets aren’t yet on sale, so check back online closer to the yuletide. Official word is that the content is appropriate for kids ages 5 and older.

North Texas Giving Day

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If you’re on the email list for any of the numerous local nonprofits, chances are you’ve seen this graphic: NTGD1

It’s all for the sixth annual North Texas Giving Day, an online donation drive coming up on Thursday, September 18 when more than 1,600 local nonprofits will be vying for your donations. Communities In Schools of North Texas, whose mission is to prevent kids from dropping out of school, will pie someone in the face for every $2,000 raised, and Genesis Women’s Shelters filmed a funny video calling on its “superheroes” to defeat domestic violence. Find a complete list of nonprofits here:

Amounts of $25 or more will be accepted online from 6am–midnight, but you can also donate in person and get in a little entertainment for the kids at several events scheduled around DFW in Dallas, McKinney, Arlington, Fort Worth and Denton. Check out the details here.

In Dallas, the Communities Foundation of Texas is throwing quite a party from 11am–2pm with food trucks, performances by local theater and dance companies, and activities for the kids.

Plus, we’ll be there as the sponsor for the Kids Give, a station with three coin jars representing three types of nonprofits. Gather up your loose change (Lincolns, Roosevelts, Washington, we’ll take them all) to donate, but first we need your vote to determine which categories will receive the donations.

There’s still more time to vote in the Kids Give poll, a quick, one-question survey. Thanks in advance for your generosity!


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