Step right up and get your fried … bubblegum?


Get ready for the smell of something fried to fill the air as the State Fair of Texas arrives this weekend! The crazed epicenter of entertainment will be here from Sept. 30 – Oct. 23rd. Plenty of time to try everything fried under the sun.

This year a fried bubblegum has won the most creative fried food at the fair. I really wonder who sits around all year experimenting with items to fry and how many actually don’t make it to the fair because this year in edition to bubblegum you’ll find fried kool-aid, fried butter (seriously America?), fried beer, I mean really?Oh and you don’t want to miss the Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack —this year’s best tasting food at the fair.

Wow, how the fried times have changed. I wonder what the reaction was to the corn dog way back when, “a hotdog on a stick, fried?” Now it’s just old hat, but man those things taste good. It’s what I call an occasion food; Movies—popcorn. Football game—funnel cake. Fair—corn dog. Texas State Fair—fried bubblegum. What’s your special occasion food for that “well, okay since it’s________ I guess I’ll have one…or two.”?


You really don’t want to try the Fried Bubblegum. I wish I hadn’t.

Kat ( October 7, 2011 at 5:35 pm )

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