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Have you ever popped Easy Mac in the microwave for the kiddos because you were just too tired to cook? (Nevermind dodging ballet and band practice and NFL playoff games as you try to schedule dinner.) And do you ever find yourself grabbing the cheapest item on the shelf at the grocery store rather than label-surfing to find the most healthy?

Yep, we’re all guilty. It’s the curse of busy schedules, tight budgets and a wealth of nutritional information that’s so pervasive, it’s overwhelming. But it’s not too late to learn how to serve your family good, nutritional food without breaking the bank or scarfing up all your free time.

Local mom Clayton Robinson is here to help. She’s a health coach and educator who uses her personal experiences with food to demystify the process of shopping and menu planning. This month, Clayton is launching her first-ever seminar called Mom’s Healthy Plate. Over three sessions, Clayton will deliver three courses of content called “The 101” (the basics of healthy eating, shopping and meal-planning), “The 411” (the scoop on cravings and how to manage them) and “The 911” (caring for your own health).

Clayton will also talk about ordering at restaurants, reading food labels and how to avoid the afternoon slump. Intrigued? Sign up here. The sessions will be held at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church in Dallas. Total cost for three chock-full sessions is just $149. Watch for more group classes in the future. Clayton also offers pantry makeovers and grocery store tours for moms who want a hands-on head start.

Can we do it? Yes we can!

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