Perot Museum to open animal anatomy exhibit in September


Before your kids ever crack open an anatomy book in science class, they’ll have the chance to see the circulatory systems, muscles, organs and skeletons of approximately 100 animals in the Perot Museum of Nature and Science’s first ever traveling exhibit, open September 22–February 17.

In Animal Inside Out, goats, giraffes, cats, crocodiles, octopuses and ostriches, all of which have been preserved by the process of plastination, will be on display in action poses, sort of like the first Body Worlds exhibition of preserved human bodies that came through Dallas a few years ago.

The exhibit is open to all ages. The images are a little shocking so parents of course will need to decide what is appropriate for your child to see, but if your children have a strong stomachs and a curiosity that just won’t stop, this exhibit is right on par for them.

Exhibit tickets include general admission: $27 for adults and $18 for children ages 2–11. Ticket sales open to nonmembers beginning August 26 and to museum members starting today for member-only preview days September 18–21.

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