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Coppell dad and retired Fire Captain Greg Lawler is working hard to make major changes in the fire-safety system.

Lawler recognized a flaw in the standard escape plan when his daughter Olivia failed to open her bedroom window during a fire drill at their home. She was 6-years-old at the time. As she struggled, he told her, “Do whatever it takes to get out because I love you!”

Lawler felt the need to find a solution for his family as well as others, so he created a product called Life Lift, a handle that makes it easier to escape a fire by exiting through a window. The handle uses larger muscles to apply more force and leverage.

He also hopes to raise awareness on the difficulties of exiting windows during a house fire through his program called the Hand2Live Challenge. The program asks families to make sure everyone can open all of the windows in their home.

The name was created to commemorate the night when Olivia couldn’t open her window during their fire drill. When he saw she was experiencing trouble, he asked his other daughter Hannah to give a “Hand to Liv” (Olivia).

He says many fire victims are found 4-5 ft. from the front door and may have passed a window in an attempt to escape. Lawler hopes to educate other communities on this issue by getting information and products like Life Lift into firehouses across the country.

To make this possible, Hand2Live has begun crowdsourcing in order to fund demonstration kits. Their mission is to distribute these kits to the two largest fire departments in every state. Funding will also go toward finding a more affordable way to manufacture the handles.

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This is a great article and a great product idea. Thank you for sharing the information!

Debra Bradford ( June 3, 2014 at 5:02 pm )

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